Monday, January 30, 2012

Furniture Market this week! Show Specials... Available and NEW PRODUCTS

Looky looky these are fun chair, not sure how pracitcal, but fun! I have been really happy with the selection of Accent Chairs that have been designed and introduced these last few years. You can tell that Accent Chairs are a big part of the home decor industry when you see a HUGE WAVE of chairs in every line. I Love it! I remember back in the day when we had to CUSTOM ORDER accent chairs to come with sofa sets just to make it look more custom and it took forever to get made and they were expensive. So, we are really LUCKY now!

Here's some fun ones. I will be posting fun things all week on my Facebook and here on my Blog... I also am in the process of making a new website and I posted current MARKET SPECIALS on a section of it. It is not ready, so please don't refer to the site yet. It still has alot of work to be done, but I can't wait.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Refinishing My Office/Dining Table

I finally posted this small little project that I have been wanting to do for about 6 months now and just kept putting it off since I never had time to do it. Well, I finally decided to get it done the week of Christmas, because I found the time and my creativeness was on overload during the holidays, so I was up for one my own personal projects.

This is a dining table that I LOVE and personally have 3 of in my home. I wanted 3 to be able to entertain with and I really like square regular height tables. Their REALLY HARD to come by for a good price or your pay about 4x's more through Pottery Barn (which your pay for the brand name). But, this table sits down in my office area where I do all my custom drapery sewing projects on, design boards on, meeting with clients and spreading out all my catalogs, and it's just so much better then an actual desk because it's mutli use and we use it for game playing since it's in the same area as our theater space in my basement. I love my Chandelier, one thing I will miss when we sale our house.

So, to make a long story short, my husband loves scented things (candles, poppery, etc.) Well, he got this popery scented thing with the sticks in it. He put it on my table and one of my kids must have knocked it over. I don't know how long it sat there, but when it dried to my table runner, it took off some of the finish. My NEW table scared... I had to make a new table runner and you never could see it when the table runner was on, but I came up with an idea to refinish it and make it fun, why not? I refinish things all the time, no biggie.


(Sorry the glare of my Chandelier right about the table doesn't really help with the pictures)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

ME vs A Salesman or woman

Are you looking for a NEW LOOK?
Are you just starting out in your FIRST PLACE?
Are you looking for something unique, something Fabulous?


Well, I hope I answered you question. Come visit someone who LOVES what they do. You can only imagine the difference in customer service, the one on one attention, and my expertise.

This is an example of a potential client looking for a console for her TV stand. She came and met with me and I showed her one she was interested in. Well, then she discussed wanting to get possible a Sofa. Somehow we got into the actual design of the space and major happened. Yes, I just decided to go a little crazy and send her tones of room arrangements and space planning or her space that seemed a bit difficult to fit your tradition furniture arrangements.

So, if you have a challenge and need my help, I am the women for the job! 

PS - Don't let me NEW LOGO confuse you, it's just something NEW COMING SOON!

Monday, January 2, 2012


I am selling my own personal home 
and Custom Window Treatments 
with full price offer of

Square Footage 2900
Built in Aug 2009
Fully Finished Landscaped Yard with sprinkler system, 
RV Pad, Garden Space, and Custom Vinyl Fence
Very Private Backyard with Tree scape 
(which is an added bonus, don't ever worry about back neighbors!)
Fully Finished Basement with 3 bedrooms, Storage Room, Theater/Family Room, 
and Office Space or Gaming Space
6 Bedrooms 
3 full bathrooms
Granite Counter Tops through out entire home including laundry room
All Tile throughout bedrooms and laundry room
Hardwood Floor in kitchen and dining space
Upgraded Designer Lighting throughout entire home!

Email Melissa at